Search Engine Optimization

An important part of developing a successful web site is attracting a steady stream of targeted traffic. A significant amount of web site traffic originates from the major Search Engines. A Search Engine is a web site that indexes web pages. These sites run software programs called "Spiders" or "Robots" that continuously crawl the Internet in search of new web pages to index.

Optimizing your web pages will include all of the following:

Selecting the most relevant keywords for each page

Placing the META keyword & description tags within the head section of each page

Using your primary keywords as your page title

Placing keywords within your image ALT tags

Placing your primary keywords within heading tags

Using your primary keywords as image names

Using your primary keywords as page names for hyperlinks

Using keywords within your body text

When you visit a Search Engine and you're looking for something in particular, you type in a few words that best describe what you're looking for.

These words are known as keywords. The Search Engine will return a list of web sites that are most relevant to your keywords. When a Search Engine indexes a web page, it scans the page in search of specific keywords. The pages that rank high when a search is returned are the pages that are most relevant to the search query.